Hockey Tours


Hockey Tours

We have arranged many, many hockey tours for all ages and to all sorts of exotic destinations. Some of the more popular destinations are Holland, Malta, Portugal and Ireland and then further afield to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We have even sent hockey teams to Brazil & the Amazon Jungle and Mexico City.

Hockey, for both boys and girls, is a fast growing sport and the availability of astro turf is increasing with water or sand based pitches being present in most destinations. Hockey tours form a large part of our business and we were also involved in the Golden Oldies World Hockey Championships when they took place in Birmingham in 2008.

For short school hockey tours we would recommend Malta, Athens or Lisbon as top destinations for hockey as the facilities, climate and availability of strong opposition is good.

For longer trips we would recommend Argentina for some of the best hockey in the world, Australia and South Africa.

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