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  • hong kong rugby
  • Hong Kong

    A great stopover on the journey to Australia, Hong Kong is the shopping capital of the Far East and has many worthwhile sights to see. On a 2-3 night stop-over you will have time to visit the city including taking a trip up to Victoria Peak for stunning views of the harbour and visit one of the many attractions such as Disneyland, Ocean Park or the newer Ngong Ping.

  • Singapore
  • Singapore

    Singapore is the most popular stopover destination for tours heading to Australia or New Zealand. The hockey centre is fantastic and we can usually secure fixtures against the National teams for you.


  • KL
  • Malaysia

    Malaysia has perfect weather all year round and is an ideal place not only for a stopover but also for a 2 week tour at any time of year. The exciting mixtures of jungle highlands, white sandy beaches and vibrant cities make for a varied and interesting tour.


  • japan
  • Japan

    Being in the same hemisphere as us in the UK, Japan is best to visit in September, December or April for a sports tour. For history or cultural tours, however, any time of year is fine and the cherry blossoms in spring are spectacular.


  • Dubai
  • Middle East

    The glittering and vibrant city of Dubai is an exotic and warm destination to visit duing our winters. There are fabulous beaches with white sand and stunning desert landscapes.




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