Middle East Group Tours

The glittering and vibrant city of Dubai is an exotic and warm destination to visit during our winters. There are fabulous beaches with white sand and stunning desert landscapes.

The number of International School sin Dubai & Abu Dhabi make it an ideal destination for school sports with the opportunity to play Wellington, Cranleigh, Brighton College and Repton as well as local schools.


Lots of exciting activities such as desert treks & safaris, Wild Wadi water park and visits to the mosques and intoxicating souks and spice markets all make for an exciting tour and as they are only an hour apart, a 2 centre tour of Dubai & Abu Dhabi would also be a great possibility.

Israel is historically a place of pilgimages and religious/historical tours but can also be a great destination for sports tours, especially Tel Aviv. Our director spent over a year in Israel and knows the different towns very well so can help you to plan your tour to this area.

A week in Tel Aviv (Easyjet have started flying to Tel Aviv) and some sports fixtures combined with day trips to Haifa, the Carmel Mountains and Druse villages, Acco and Jerusalem will make a fabulous and intersting tour.








photo credit: Jenny Mackness via photopin cc