Europe Group Tours

  • Austria


  • Austria

    Often overlooked for sports tours, Austria does in fact offer opposition in football, rugby, volleyball, basketball and hockey. The crowning glory of Austria however is its wealth of historical and cultural sights. From high up on the Alm to the mighty Danube there are hundreds of castles, palaces and beautiful cities to discover. More

  • Belgium


  • Belgium

    The importance of the Western Front in our history is attested to by a visit to this area forming part of the National Curriculum. For many people it is personal: few families did not lose a father, son or brother in the conflict.
    There are few places that can move a visitor so much as these battlefields: including apparently cynical teenagers.More

  • metro

  • France

    France is our closest neighbour and a popular destination for both sports tours and art & history tours. The rugby is excellent, the galleries and opportunities for sightseeing superb and with it being just a short hop away, a perfect place for a shorter tour. More

  • germ

  • Germany

    Germany has always been one of Europe’s most successful countries but sadly not as popular as France, Spain or Italy for tourism. I lived there for 5 years and can tell you that there is much more to Germany than initially meets the eye! More

  • greece
  • Greece

    Greece is a country of blues and whites – the sea, the houses, the sky and the flag of course. The tour possibilities in Greece range from history tours and culture/Greek civilisation tours to football or hockey tours. Suburbs on the coast out of Athens such as Glyfada are trendy and buzzing and the ease of the tram saves money on transport too! More

  • Holland
  • Holland

    Holland is one of the countries most accessible to Britain – both in terms of geographical proximity and its open-minded, friendly inhabitants. Holland ia a star by any measure when it comes to football and hockey. Volleyball is its third-biggest played sport, and cricket is a growing sport. The youth hostels in Holland are excellent and never far from great sports facilities. With most Dutch speaking English its a perfect place for your first overseas tour. More

  • Iceland Group Tours

  • Iceland

    A land of startling natural beauty and fascinating history, Iceland is compellingly different to the rest of Europe. Though tourism has been making significant headway over the past few years in Rejkjavik, head out to the countryside and you’re likely to find small communities that are resolutely unaffected by globalisation, although the inhabitants are among the most informed and well-educated people you’ll come across in the world. More

  • Italy Group Tours

  • Italy

    Beautiful, elegant Italy will delight you with its landscapes, galleries, ancient monuments and food! Every tour we have ever sent to Italy has come back saying that the food was superb! With a number of amazing places to choose from how will you decide between Sorrento, Florence, the Italian Lakes or Rome? More

  • Malta


  • Malta

    The Maltese archipelago, situated almost at the centre of the Mediterranean, includes the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Comminotto and Filfla. It has made it an important strategic base since the earliest days of navigation, and thus has been visited by many cultures. The weather can be great, even in December and being English speaking it makes a good choice for a first tour. More

  • Spain
  • Spain

    Spain has always been associated with package tours and sun but the standard of sport in this country has got better and better over the years. Some of the best hockey in Europe is to be found in Barcelona and the other shining star is basketball. Added to that the art galleries of Madrid, Bilbao and Dali/Gaudi, couple with budget flights, low cost accommodation and meals and a pleasing climate, Spain is a perfect choice for a shorter tour. More

  • Portugal Group Tours
  • Portugal

    Portugal has a great deal to offer groups; from the historic cities of Lisbon & Porto to the Mediterranean cost of the Algarve. Portugal has excellent group facilities and a great range of accommodation which is good value. The weather, of course, is wonderful! More

  • europe group tours
  • United Kingdom

    Our capital city, and first port of call for many inbound groups, London is an exciting and lively place to visit. There are many interesting places to visit for both sports groups and history/art groups. More

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