Rugby Tours

June 2009 016

Rugby Tours are an excellent way to bring a team together and create a fantastic team spirit for the coming season. Our most popular school rugby tour destinations are South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia and for clubs they are European destinations such as Bordeaux, Holland, Lisbon and Malta.

When our Director worked for a sports tour operator in Australia many years ago, the majority of touring teams were rugby teams and we know Australia like the backs of our hands. Holding Australian passports helps us refresh our knowledge of course and Australia remains the dream destination for many school rugby tours.

Nowadays we operate many more combination tours of rugby & hockey or rugby & football but the rugby traditions of post match functions & presentations, kept alive by great opposition around the world, make it one of the greatest sports for a tour.

With our experience we can ensure that you have the right balance of sightseeing, training, fixtures and free time and make sure that your tour really is one to remember!

Rugby Tours around the world

Some of our favourite destinations are listed below but if you fancy something more exotic then see our destinations page or get in touch with us and we can run through some options with you:

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