USA Group Tours

The USA is so huge that there are many different options for touring here. Whether you are interested in Lacrosse, Rowing, Rugby, Basketball or Soccer, the many States all offer different touring options.
Some of our favourites are:


The soccer is great all the way from San Francisco down to Los Angeles and beyond. We have some great contacts along the coast in Redwood City, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Pismo Beach and Walnut Creek so if you are looking for a top soccer tour then this could be the option for you.  Also in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas are some excellent rowing clubs which also hold annual regattas.

New York

The Empire State Building, Ground Zero, The Rockefeller Centre, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Broadway, Greenwich, Manhattan, the Guggenheim – what more can we say other than 3 or 4 days is not enough!


Washington State

The area around Washington State – Seattle, Bellingham, Chuckanut Bay is great for touring teams, especially when combined with a fab city such as Vancouver. We can arrange rugby, football or hockey tours in these areas and you can find yourself in State Forest one day, rafting on the Chilliwack River the next and whale watching off Bellingham Bay the next. Plenty of fresh air, vigour and stunning scenery await you here.


Our favourite soccer camp for July tours is the USA Cup which is held in Blaine, Minnesota every year. If you want to feel like a famous footballer walking out onto the field then this is the tournament for you. Teams from around the world gather here to experience great soccer, pasta parties, discos, tours of the lakes and make lots of great friends. We can combine a week here with a few days in Chicago or New York.

USA group tours background photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc