Group Tour: Why go on tour? What are the benefits?

Your tour proposal will be specially prepared for you after we have spoken to you in detail about your requirements and thought carefully about the best and most suitable places for you to visit.

It’s important that your tour organiser remembers that it is not their tour but your tour and your input is of great importance.


Group Tour

Why go on a group tour?

  • a tour pulls a team together like nothing else can
  • a tour provides a long term goal to aim for
  • a tour is a reward for a successful season
  • a tour provides great pre-season preparation
  • a tour is a great motivational tool
  • touring provides new and exciting competition
  • touring provides new experiences
  • touring builds and develop each individual within the team

Setting your group tour budget:

  • where you can tour will be determined by your budget
  • considerable savings can be made by combining tours to increase passenger numbers (eg rugby & hockey)
  • be aware of what parents can reasonably afford
  • how far in advance are you planning and have you plenty of time to raise funds?
  • how volatile is the currency of your chosen destination?
  • Be prepared to consider alternative destinations – your ideal tour might not suit your budget
  • Be aware of exchange rate fluctuations and tax/fuel increases as these can add a large amount to the tour cost

Why travel overseas?

  • International competition adds immensely to the performance of teams and individuals back home
  • The educational value of a tour is significant, both culturally and socially
  • Worldwide contact can open doors for the future

Where to go:

  • Let us help you with advice on which country to visit. Choose countries that are recognized as playing your chosen sport
  • Look at the non-sporting aspects of the destination in terms of educational, cultural and environmental experiences available


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